Sunday, August 24, 2008

DIY Wedding Flowers

Are you wanting to put together your own flowers and design for your wedding? Wishing you could save a bit more for the honeymoon?

Let me help...

First, a consultation with you to decide what you would like for your wedding. Based on your budget I will consult you on floral choices, ribbon, containers, and of course give you some of the cost saving tips that can really make a difference in your budget.

Second, a party! Beverages, flowers and some instructions for those that will be helping you arrange your big day. You can choose to provide enough flowers for all of you guest to take home a beautiful arrangement or simply take home (or share) the one that I will create for your guest as an example. Bring a camera to this one for all the fun memories and of course, your own step by step for the wedding day.

Lastly, I will provide the flowers, ribbon, and containers for you. Healthy and happy, delivered to you approximately a day or two before your wedding day, along with a detailed plan of how you will use your beautiful flowers.

I look forward to working with you.
Angie B. Likens

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Natalie & Josh Drew

It was September, and yes- six months later I am blogging. Natalie and Josh shared some of the pics from their wedding day with me this week.Natalie and Josh's wedding reflected their fun personalities. We used hues of hot pink and mango accented with chocolate brown. Natalie and her mom created table toppers out of vintage fabric, and I used roses, peonies, and daisies in the bouquets and the table centerpieces. We also incorported vintage columns and containers in the ceremony and the reception.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2008 Brides to Be

A few brides have emailed me asking if I am still in business.

I am for certain still here and ready to go! August and September 2007 were very full months with 4 weddings, 6 events at The Village Church, a home robbery, and a move to a new home, so after some much needed rest I am ready to start up again. I have been contacted by brides for April, June, July, and August so if you are in the works for those months you may want to give me a call soon.

I did have the pleasure of doing flowers for a my friend Rachel in January (she is a photographer listed on my blog! Check her out.).
Rachel was a breeze to work with; she simply trusted me to do what I love to do. We talked through a few ideas and all she really knew was that I was going to use peacock feathers and all white flowers.
The wedding was at the Hickory Street Annex in Dallas, and I think that everything turned out beautiful.

It was one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to. If you need the name of a great DJ, let me know. Rachel and Craig's DJ was the best, and I picked up a stack of his cards! And normally I do not like to dance at weddings.

The photos are provided by Ashley Langford Photography.
You can see more of their work and pics from Rachel's wedding on the blog. Thanks, Ashley, for sharing your pics.

Thank you to all my girls that spread the good news about what I love to do. It really is my pleasure to sit with a bride, talk through her dreams, and help her find a way to make it all happen.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

August Brides

August 4th
Michelle & Kevin

For Michelle and her bridesmaids I created a composition of white calla lilies. I added a special brooch to Michelle's bouquet as well as each bridesmaid's bouquet. The brooches were also incorporated into the reception designs. Michelle was a beautiful bride.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Jennifer and Brad Fisher

Jenn was my college roommate and one of the owners of Simply You Cafe in Southlake, Texas which catered the reception. As a bride she was calm and cool the entire day of the wedding. As a professional caterer, she did not stop prepping for the reception until she was forced to sit down, finish her hair and put on her dress.
It was a pleasure working with a bride that trusted me, appreciated my ability to make suggestions and pull together details. Originally, Jenn wanted hot pink tulips, however, it is very difficult to find tulips in June; they tend to be very pricey. She decided to trust me and allowed me to create arrangements from my choice of florals in hues of hot pink! It is not often that a bride will give me this much freedom. It was a blast!
I used Hot Lady roses, magenta peonies and mini callas along with stephanosis and green hypericum berry.
With black and hot pink as the color theme, I used the magenta mini calla with black and hot pink ribbon for the boutonnieres.
Jenn's only request was stephanosis in her bouquet.
These dainty blooms smell wonderful.

All of the pictures were provided by Linda Spratt Photography.
Linda is a personal friend and does amazing work. She works in the Dallas Metro area, and I am sure she would travel. Her professionalism and calm attitude proves that she is someone you can trust. Give her a look if you are still seeking a great wedding photographer. Thank you, Linda for sharing the pics with me.

Thank you, Jenn and Brad. I had a blast working with you and being a part of your day. I look forward to witnessing the next big moments in your life together.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bekah and Jason on St. Patrick's Day

Bekah and I have been in the same community group for about a year. I had the privilege of hearing her stories of Jason pursuing her, engagement, buying their first home, and planning a wedding. We ended up talking about life more than weddings when we got to together to plan her wedding. I had so much fun helping Bekah.

Bekah is a girly girl in every sense. She wanted pink with accents of green for St. Patrick's Day and the bridesmaids wore truffle colored dresses. We used roses, ranuculus, and viburnum for the bouquets and boutonnieres.

Instead of the traditional flowers for the ceremony, we used four large vases with green apples. The sanctuary at Triesch Memorial Church is large. Sometimes if we try to fill a large space, the ceremony will end up looking "junky". The apples on the pillars added just the right amount of interest and punch for the ceremony.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wendy & Will

Wendy and Will had a beautiful but chilly wedding outdoors at the Texas Discovery Gardens. Wendy's style is fun but classic, and they were not afraid to show their affinity for The University of Texas.